Find Your Sexy Style At This Longwood Hair Salon

Find fresh new looks you’ll adore at this Longwood hair salon. Top Notch Hair Studio has one particularly talented hair stylist working their Thursday through Saturday. Her name is Debbie.

If you haven’t had a cut or color by Debbie you don’t know what you’re missing. If you want to find your salon hair color personality. Deb will hook you up!

When Was The Last Time You
Turned Heads From A Visit At Your Salon?

If you can’t answer that read on. Deb not only does great cuts & color work but she’s also been a top trainer for many of the best salon product companies. With over 30 years of experience behind her, she’s very proficient at producing HAIR THAT GETS YOU NOTICED.

Get That Knockout Look
Guaranteed To Make His Jaw Drop

It makes no difference if your blond, brunette or redhead. In the hands of a specialist like Deb, she can create the salon hair color that guys find hot. Ok, do I have your attention? So what are some of the top hair color techniques that guys find hot.

Color Techniques That Guys Find Hot

    • Caramelizing
    • Tortoise Shell
    • Light Over Dark
    • Face Framing

So What Exactly Is Carmelizing?

    Carmelizing is a technique where a range of three colors is applied in a foil application resulting in a softer color than regular foil. You will receive more of a blending of colors like that of a turning fall leaf. The result is it gives you a naturally sexy appealing look.

Have You Thought About A
Color Technique Called Tortoise Shell?

    A technique known as Tortoise Shell is a process where several colors are combined using a blocking application which produces a bolder look. If you want to be noticed more this technique would be great for you.

Can Light Over Dark Be That Sexy New Look For You?

    Light over dark is a process of leaving the top of the hair lighter with a sharp contrast to a darker bottom. VERY HOT, VERY EDGY!

A Color Technique Known As
Face Framing Is An Attention Getter

    Face framing is a technique that accents a particular style or hair cut, has many color choices and is applied in vertical panels around the front of the face to add a sexy new edge to your new look.

Are You Ready To Step Up?

All of the a fore mentioned technique are suitable for all color types, blondes, brunettes redheads etc.

If you’re ready to step up for a hot new image make your next appointment with Deb. In your consultation she’ll discuss what you can expect and make sure you’ll be comfortable with your decision. Call her right now 407-421-2283. Deb believes that no matter what age you are, you can always be sexy and confident with just a new look. And she’s ready to prove it. Call her now 407-421-2283

Deb’s Bio: Debbie is a master stylist with over 30 years experience. She has 15 years as a color trainer. She’s participated in all the major hairs shows throughout the US as a guest artist to demonstrate and teach advanced hair styling techniques.

Call Deb At 407-421-2283 For An Appointment.

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