3 Simple Steps To Sexier Salon Hair Color

Debbies Hair Color Ideas #19

  1. To get a new sexy salon hair color you need an exploratory consultation with your stylist. It’s important that they listen to what you want and what you’re trying to accomplish. If you have some ideas of your own take the time to find out what the stylist thinks about them. Keep in mind that the stylist is the professional. It’s their job to be knowledgeable in all the techniques that are possible. If you’re not confident with the ability of the stylist to pull it off, it’s best to try someone else.It’s important before going ahead that you realize a major change in the way you look can be startling at first until you get adjusted to it. For some clients it’s better to adopt a major change in stages rather than all at once.
  2. Have your stylist discuss the pros and cons and how much time is involved in the process you decide on. Be sure to learn about the maintenance that’s required to keep it looking fresh. And finally, how much will it cost to achieve the results you seek.

  4. Schedule a convenient appointment with your stylist and score that sexy confident look you’re after.
    Deb’s Bio: Debbie is a master stylist with over 30 years experience. She has 15 years as a color trainer. She’s participated in all the major hair shows throughout the US as a guest artist to demonstrate and teach advanced hair styling techniques 

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